Curiosity. Creativity. Confidence.

Startsong Studio offers weekly lessons and seasonal classes to help you reach your musical goals on your instrument. No matter what your age is, it’s never too late to start developing your musical ability.


We are committed to inspiring each student to enjoy the creative learning process while engaging in the disciplines of successful music making. We keep lessons fun and encouraging, and purposefully engage every person as a uniquely talented, creative individual.

Fun. Focused. Flexible.

Startsong Studio's one-on-one weekly lessons equip students of all ages to learn at their own pace. We teach foundational musical concepts in fun ways to develop and strengthen  each student's technique, repertoire and creativity. And, because every person has their own unique learning style, we customize each lesson to find the right balance of inspiration and challenge. We enjoy incorporating diverse genres (classical, pop/rock/r&b, jazz, etc.) and creative methods (sheet music, chord charts, tablature, improvisation, theory, music technology) to help every student reach their long-range music goals.







Startsong Studio offers music lessons in our Germantown studio. For an additional travel fee, we will come to you. Better yet, you can take lessons online from the comfort of your own home!



Students at Startsong Studio are provided several opportunities throughout the year to be able to perform for friends and family, as well as serving the community by sharing their music.

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Fun. Interactive. Affordable.
Curious about exploring a new instrument or creating music with others? Our group lessons, classes and ensembles are created especially for you. Have fun learning and making music with new friends.







Upcoming Group Classes

  • Share your performance online by Friday, Oct 30

    Starts Oct 30

  • Learn guitar in a fun group setting (ages 12+/3 sessions)

    Starts Jan 8, 2021

  • Learn how to record your own music (ages 11+/3 sessions)

    Starts Feb 6, 2021

Curiosity, creativity and confidence thrive in community!

As our appreciation and investment in music grows, we naturally want to share it with others. Startsong Studio makes time and space for organic community gatherings.
Looking for fresh inspiration and creative ideas?  Want to connect with other music-lovers? Have a musical idea that you'd like to try out? A song to share? A vinyl record that you'd love to hear?
Be curious. Come hang out with us!  We're learning and growing together.
Jen Hawley

Piano, Voice & Trumpet Instructor

Groups, Ensembles, Community Coordinator

  • Associate degree, Music (piano)

  • Bachelor degree, Education 

  • Vocal Pedagogy with Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method, Levels I-III

  • 30+ years of musical training & performing

  • Ten years of experience as Innovative Piano Teacher

  • Purposeful approach in teaching each student as an individual

My mom required each of her kids to take at least one year of piano lessons. For me, this lead to many more years of piano study, along with french horn, trumpet, banjo and voice. I feel blessed to have had music woven into me from such a young age.  And, I thoroughly enjoy passing on my knowledge and love for music to the next generation!

Dave Hawley

Guitar, Bass & Piano Instructor, Production

Creative Consulting, Artist Development

  • Bachelor degree (music, education)

  • Master degree, Music (piano)

  • 30+ years of professional experience serving as contemporary music/arts director

  • 30+ years of experience performing, leading and recording with a variety of contemporary bands and creative artists


I began studying piano at age 5, guitar at age 12.

I started performing in bands & recording my own music while in high school. I've served on creative staff teams for over 30 years, leading & coaching musicians and audio, video & lighting teams. I love collaborating, performing and recording with diverse artists of all ages.


240.308.1517 (Jen)

240.285.6956 (Dave)


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