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Curiosity. Creativity. Confidence.

Startsong Studio offers a variety of creative music services to help you, your group or organization grow. If you're a musician looking to record a new project, a music group looking for a coach, or a creative organization looking to strengthen your teams, events and processes--- we'd love to help. We share best practices, creative ideas and practical guidance that assist you in reaching your goals.


We are committed to inspiring and equiping each person to enjoy the process of creating and sharing their music. We keep our recording and consulting sessions fun and encouraging, and consider every person to be a uniquely talented, creative artist.

We also love to share our own music with others through collaborative live events and recordings.

Every project is unique.

Recording your own music can be challenging, especially if you've never done it before. We'd love to help you reach your creative recording goals. Startsong Studio specializes in recorded music production and arranging, helping each artist achieve the goals and sound they're aiming for.

We can guide you through the recording production process (from concept to completion), freeing you up to "be the artist."

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John Spicer
Dave Hawley
John Spicer
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Every step matters.

Great teams benefit from experienced coaches who can help them grow. If you're a solo artist, music group or leading a creative arts team at a church or creative organization, we'd love to partner with you. We know how challenging it can be to develop, grow and sustain relationships, resources and skills that equip you to actualize your vision.

  • Building a creative team

  • Leading an effective rehearsal

  • Developing your repertoire

  • Designing a creative presentation

  • Managing your technology

  • Expanding your resources & networks

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Startsong Studio music instructor, recor
Dave Hawley

"If sharing the insights, knowledge & skills I've gleaned from decades of experience in music-making & production can help you or your team move forward, that’s a win! How can I help?"

Our Music
Live Performances. Songwriting. Arranging. Recording.


Dave & Jen enjoy sharing music with others in a variety of ways. We perform live music at special events, parties & gatherings. We also record original music & perform with a wide variety of bands, artists & ensembles. Contact Dave if you're looking for a versatile guitarist (electric & acoustic), keyboardist or bass player. Contact Jen for vocals, keyboard & even trumpet, flugelhorn & banjo. If we can't provide what you're looking for, we can likely help you find the right person.

Feel free to reach out. Let's see what happens!

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Startsong Studio Jen Hawley Instructor_e

Recording Production & Arranging

Creative Consulting: Artists, Bands, Team & Event Development

Live Music & Recording: Guitar, Bass & Keyboard, Vocal

  • Bachelor degree (music, education)

  • Master of Music degree (piano)

  • 30+ years of professional experience as contemporary music/arts director

  • 30+ years experience performing, leading and recording with a variety of bands and creative artists

  • Songwriter/recording artist

I began piano at age 5, guitar at age 12.

I started performing in bands & recording my own music while in high school. I've served on creative staff teams for over 30 years, leading & coaching musicians and audio, video & lighting teams. I love collaborating with diverse artists of all ages.

Live Events & Recording: Vocal, Keyboard, Trumpet, French horn, Flugelhorn & Banjo

Arts Leadership: Ensembles, Community Events

My mom required each of her kids to take at least one year of piano lessons. For me, this lead to many more years of piano study, along with french horn, trumpet, banjo and voice.  I feel blessed to have had music woven into me from such a young age. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my own music and helping others create!

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