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I want to thank the Creator of my soul: You put Your Spirit in me and provided the way of salvation. Thank you, Jesus, for this gift of music, and allowing me to continue to sing.
Thank you, Mother, for your faithful love and devotion to God, your husband, and your family.  Your fingerprint is on me. And your life is worth celebrating. Happy Birthday!
Thank you to my faithful and giving husband, Dave. Your constant encouragement, creativity and musicianship helped get us here. I couldn't have done it without you.
To John Spicer: you've enabled this project to succeed in so many ways. Thank you for your countless hours of mixing and mastering this project.  And thank you Patti and Carrie - for graciously listening to these tracks over and over again in the process!
To my incredibly gifted musical friends: John, Matt, Jim, Jill, Natalie, Luis, Jeremie, Jennifer and Dave - you've brought life to these songs through your gifts. Thanks for making music with me.
To Jill Hudson: thank you for the amazing photography that has been such a great connection to the heart of my music.
To my amazing nieces and nephews: Thanks for bravely sharing your musical abilities. Together, we're helping other kids learn some of your Grandmother's favorite songs!
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