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“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”
Lao Tzu

Welcome! During COVID-19, Startsong Studio is offering great opportunities for you to grow musically! We are still teaching, performing and consulting online.


The 3C's Collective

This summer, some of our Startsong Studio students took on a creative project that engaged and challenged their musical ability. Student's combined their music with other things they enjoy: Art, Tech, Movie Making, Sports  to create something to share with you!

You may be just getting started in music. Or, you may have been working on your craft for years. Wherever you find yourself, we'd love to help you take your next creative step.  
Startsong Studio (Jen & Dave Hawley, est. 2010) is located in Germantown, MD. We exist to help people of all ages develop and strengthen their musical curiosity, creativity and confidence. We love sharing our seventy-plus combined years of music experience with amazing people like you!
We offer private and group music lessons, and other musical services such as recording production, consulting and community events. We also love sharing our own music with others.


"I started working with Dave when I joined the church choir about 15 years ago. His mentorship has helped me graduate to the worship team. Both Dave and Jen have helped me to develop better vocals, and a better understanding of music theory and performance.

I started taking guitar lessons with Dave and piano with Jen. Their lessons have helped me become a better player. They are both very positive and encouraging, which helps a lot when you are trying to grasp something new. They find different ways of explaining things to better help you understand the material. 

I highly recommend working with Startsong Studio!"


240.308.1517 (Jen)

240.285.6956 (Dave)


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